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ROBOT ASPIRADOR - ROIDMI EVA Universal Cleaning Robot, 48 W, 210min, Blanco

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    ROIDMI EVA Robot Vacuum Cleaner - White

    Key Features:

  • ROIDMI EVA's breakthrough design is the combination of a dust collection base and an automatic wipe cleaning module in one. The extra large dust bag is big enough to collect dust for 60 days. The large capacity 4 liter water tank separates clean water from dirty water. ROIDMI Eva's self-cleaning function can automatically wash the mop to keep it hygienic before returning to where it left off to continue mopping and vacuuming. Also, the gentle wind function helps to dry the mop quickly to prevent mold and odor.
  • ROIDMI EVA is equipped with a mop self-cleaning system. It automatically detects the soiling of the mop on a regular basis and returns to the base for quick cleaning. It sprays the dirty mops with clean water through a built-in pump and the mops spin rapidly to scrape against a washboard to remove the picked up dirt, which is then passed through the absorption system before being stored as waste water. After that, a strong whirlwind will be blown out to automatically dry the mops quickly to prevent germs, bacteria, mold and odor. Then returns to where it left off to resume its floor cleaning duties once the self-cleaning process is complete.
  • The ROIDMI EVA 2-in-1 automatic vacuum and mopping robot for wet and dry cleaning offers you 2 cleaning options in one revolutionary robot. Support 3 modes - "Suck and wipe mode", "Suck mode", "Mope mode". Multiple cleaning modes meet your different cleaning needs and handle different situations. 3200 Pa super power with high suction leaves no residual dust. The 4 inch high speed large mops cover the large floor perfectly without missing a corner. In addition, the large 12N pressure mops help to remove stubborn stains and stains from floors in no time.
  • More suction means a deeper clean, but too much will affect battery life and cleaning range. ROIDMI EVA with a peak output of 3200Pa is strong enough to scour hardwood floors of light dust, dirt and pet hair build-up and pull them out of carpets. It can cover up to 200m² on a single charge.
  • A unique and innovative design of ROIDMI EVA by adding an intelligent LED color display on the base station allows you to monitor the cleaning status at any time and instantly. And there is a corresponding animation that illustrates each function. Control your ROIDMI EVA effortlessly with one hand, either on or off the network.
  • ROIDMI EVA integrates the smart home system compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Help users easily manage household cleaning tasks with simple voice commands.
  • Features :

  • It integrates cleaning and wiping, no need to switch manually
  • 1)Sweep front and mop back all at once. 2)No more switching between sweeping and mopping modules during use, freeing your hands and saving energy. Save time by sweeping and wiping at the same time.
  • Self Gathering Dust
  • 1)Extra long dust bag is large enough to collect dust for 60 days. 2)Antibacterial dust bag kills 99.9% of bacteria and odors.
  • Self cleaning
  • 1)Return to the base to clean the dirty mops by yourself. 2)99% strong antibacterial agent.
  • Carpet Identification
  • Vacuum & Mop Mode: When sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, recognize the carpet to automatically make a detour
  • Super suction
  • 900W high power motor: 1)Instantly generates 23Kpa super suction power. 2)Don't be afraid of big or small garbage, just vacuum and clean.

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    5200 mAh


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